Talented young water-skier from the Scunthorpe area will be kept on his journey to success thanks to a generous donation from local heating oil supplier, Carlton Fuels.

After showing exceptional talent from a young age, local water-skier Harry Spavin is now a member of the Under 17 GB Team. Following an approach from Harry’s Father, Robert Spavin, Carlton Fuels generously donated £450 towards attending key competitions in his attempt to become the U17 champion of Europe.

For a teenager from the North of England to reach this level in a sport is a feat in itself; to achieve his ranking in a sport that isn’t traditionally popular in the UK, is even more impressive.

Although Harry receives full support from his family, financial backing from businesses are vital to be able to continue training and attending competitions, which often take place abroad.

Robert Spavin, Harry’s father, commented: “Harry showed a huge talent and aptitude for water-skiing from a young age, plus he’s very committed to the sport. Like any talented athlete, it takes more than skill and determination to be the best. The kit he requires, training and travel all cost money, which is where sponsorship from companies such as Carlton Fuels is vital. We’re very grateful to Carlton Fuels for its support and hope that displaying the logo on Harry’s kit will give him that added edge to win his next tournament.”

Jonathan Best, Regional Manager, for Carlton Fuels commented: “As a local business it’s important to us to support projects and individuals within the area in which we operate. Harry’s request really stood out as water-skiing isn’t a sport necessarily associated with the Immingham area. He’s done exceptionally well through sheer hard work and a drive to be the best. He will be quite an inspiration to other talented youngsters who want to follow their dream.”